The act of depositing a substancial amount of man milk on the crown of the recipient's head in similitude of a catholic baptism.
by Hand-Banana November 14, 2010
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A possible alternative for "bukakke," otherwise known as a sexual encounter in which one or multiple men ejaculate on a woman's face.
Bob: "Dude she's hot, what all did you two do?"

Joe: "I gave her a faptism."
by yusefisgay February 12, 2012
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A termed coined by 2sense the ranting gryphon and cohost "Nick the tigerfox"
Similar to a baptism, only into the 'furry fandom' and with fox spooge instead of holy water
"Chris, you are now Autum the....wolf! *splort*
You've been faptised(faptism) into the fandom"
by Cathack June 28, 2008
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