A Hal is a person who always goes to the library
"Wheres Hal?"

"Oh, he's in the library"

"Of course"
by \(*o*)/ October 30, 2019
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A term used when you can't find any of your bitches. Make them crawl to you by screaming "HAL".
Where are my bitches?

Try screaming "Hal"
by Juicylmao November 23, 2016
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A sweet amazing guy who I wish would notice me. He is sucha hottie,sweet,smart,athletic, and me and him have had a lot of special moments. He just needs to see whats right in front of him.
by traveler13 July 20, 2011
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a person who so plain and uninteresting, so mind blowingly boring, that it makes one want to incorporate their name into songs whenever you happen to be singing.
"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the Hal is so delightful...."
by Sugarbean Roadhousen December 27, 2011
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1. The HAL-9000 computer, guardian of the spacecraft Discovery in the novels and films of 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequel, 2010. First activated at the HAL plant in Urbana, Illinois on January 12, 1997 (or 1992 in the film version). HAL is short for Heuristic ALgorithmic, and not derived by moving one letter back from the initials of IBM, as some have suggested. HAL's apparently psychotic behaviour in 2001 is revealed in the novel, and in either version of 2010, to have been a result of a neurosis arising from conflicts between his programming to accurately input, analyse and output information, and the demands of national security mandated by the Pentagon.

2. Any troublesome, wary or otherwise bloody-mindedly unhelpful computer.
Open the pod bay doors, Hal.
by Fearman February 20, 2008
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The most wonderful boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. No one is better then him. He is the prime example of a girl's perfect boyfriend. He's sweet, compassionate, caring, creative, silly, fun, and gorgeous. His hobbies include mixing bad drinks, airsoft, video games, and hanging out with his girlfriend.
I'm so jealous, I wish I was dating a guy like Hal
by JustAGirlInLove June 2, 2009
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one who absolutely dominates, usually in a charming and sexy way.
"When pinned on the living room floor after a failed wrestling match, I announced he was a Hal and was finally free."
by SkippyLou February 17, 2010
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