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A woman of independence, loved by many. By definition she controls everyone universe and can change someone for the better. Usually a hot intelligent girl who dreams too big for one woman to handle
by Rollinwithdaleavez April 20, 2009
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This girl is amazing, she's everything you could ask for. She's kind, sweet, funny, beautiful, sexy and EVERYTHING. She's the best sister in the world. I could talk to her over and over again. P.S Kristina made this💖💖
" Damn thats Autum!" "Autum is the most beautiful girl on the earth!"
by Autum March 21, 2017
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A very happy girl that cares a lot about her friends. She has a lot of friends and usually guys that go crazy over her even though she has no idea why. Her smile lights up the room and her laugh gets everyone laughing. She has blonde hair and green eyes usually. She likes anime and usually has a crush on an anime guy or two. She always tries to solve other peoples problems and gets very upset when she fails at it. She is very smart but may not do very good in school. Her name is usually Autumn but she doesn't like that name because it may not describe her so she tells people to call her Auta. She is short and she likes it. She doesn't realize that she has a lot of friends that care about her and she cant always fix everything, because there is nothing broken.
Guy 1: That's Auta over there!
Girl: Yeah! She's amazing!
Guy 2: I wish she would date me.
by Fairy85 May 11, 2013
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Well and autum of my experience is far more sufiscticated and complex of a woman than any woman , she is fragile , very gougous,she is a funny motha fucka, loves true , her children come first because she knows that life is very unpredictable to lose site of her. Children's direction wich is a beautiful quality to have , she is a very home bodied individual that values her sucurity, If you know this autum your life is about to change and it will even scare you but i will say that this autum is one and no between by far the most lovable woman you will ever meet don't take her for granted because once again she is worth every second it won't take but a second to realize that if you aren't ignorant real recognizes real
Who is that girl that gorgeous woman you mean oh yes that woman's nameis autum you don't stand a chance she is way out of your league it will take much wisdom and experience to lead her she needs a real man that puts all of himself into her because she deserves it !
by Slickest=T January 21, 2019
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Autum is a cunt ben gave her the big straight and now will not date girls anymore
Autum will not date me because of ben.
by Mryiddyn January 04, 2019
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