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a mythical creature that has the fore of an avian, the hind of a mammal, four legs, a beak, usually is winged, and may have a the tail of a serpant and/or the ears of a wild donkey.

most commonly, it is half bird of prey and half lion, altho such variations as half raven half wolf gryphons have been seen as well as gryphons with the hindquarters of a horse (also called hippogryphs/hippogriffs).

the senmurv is a being that combines mamalian and avian that is similar to a gryphon, but unlike a gryphon the forehalf is canine, the hind end is avian, and it only has two legs.
the gryphon is a noble beast of myth.
by weazul January 04, 2004
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The Coolest Mythical Creature in the entire world. Is a mix of any two creatures, normally a Cat and a Bird. Capable of speech.
The Gryphon was regal beyond compare, with glossy black feathers and clever eyes.
by Elindomiel O'Firiel December 03, 2003
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a word for a man who seems like an innocent nerdy guy until you get him into the bedroom, and suddenly he's a greek god who's an amazing lover.
You know that geek in our math class? He's a total Gryphon, I hooked up with him at a party last weekend.
by XMus April 18, 2011
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1 mystical creature with a lions body but has eagle wings and hindlegs and a snake tail
2 white foreinger
gRyPhOns kick ass so fuck off
by gRyPhOn October 16, 2003
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one of the cutest people and is always there for u and someone u can count on
1- what should i do about this
gryphon- let me help u
by thatgirl<3 March 22, 2009
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The act of talking or trying to exclaim something while a dick is in the mouth.

Probably derived from the extended neck, wide eyes and open mouth features of many gryphons and gargoyles.
She was giving me a blowjob when she noticed my lacross tattoo and pulled a gryphon.
by hitthebrace February 01, 2010
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