a taco like food with lettice, salsa, sour cream, and chicken or beef. taste super good! originally a mexican food but we americanized it.
dude i'm so hungry i want a friggin plate of fajitas!!
by lotus94 May 4, 2007
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a vaginal shaped mexican food
(pronounced fa jye tars)
troy: pass us the fajitas nat?

nat: sure thing pervert
by troymusefan April 25, 2007
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mispronunciation of fajita (pr. fa-hee-ta), a mexican dish composed of veggies and meat pan-fried and wrapped up in a tortilla

mispronunciation sounds like vagina, so when said sounds rather dirty
i'd like 1000 chicken fa-ji-tas
by mr happy January 5, 2004
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A painting of homosexual dwarf swimming
Yo u seen that fajita in the gallery

Yeah he swims like Poseidon

Don’t exaggerate u cunt

Fuck off mate my dad will rape u

Not if my dad rapes me first

Thts weird man. Wuu2

Nm just tv. Wbu

Listening to music lol. Gtg gotta have a shower

Ok speak later

Bye u fucking little scrotum I’ll jizz on ur bum if u message me again. Cunt
by Mug mattyyyyyy November 9, 2017
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A new york taco of such vigour and so little warning that the regurgitate is spewed entirely into the lucky lady rather than being splattered messily all over her box
Jane: "Herbert is such a cunt knuckle, yesterday he was so drunk i ended up having to clear up his fajitas for hours... Not only have i broken my douche, i'm still finding carrots"
by filth club April 1, 2009
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noun.- A homosexual male of the hispanic race. Named after its flaming quality.
A gay cholo.
Did you see that shirt that Juan Carlos De La Rosa Fernandes Venesuela, wore yesterday?....fucking fajita.
by KUYA June 6, 2006
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Pronounced "fah HEE tah", it literally means "little bundle" in Spanish.

In southern Arizona, the word meant only "skirt steak" (near the rump on cattle) until around 1980.

The invasive use of the word (to mean "taquito") by mass marketing of pseudo-Mex cuisine by Taco Bell and California-Mex and Tex-Mex chain restaurants such as Chipotle has pretty much obscured the original local meaning except when making purchases at the butcher.
We bought two pounds of fajita at the butcher and chopped it up to make carne machaca.
by davarinofuntucson August 14, 2010
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