Corn tortilla tightly rolled around a filling (typically meat), then deep-fried.

Similar to a flauta, which uses a flour tortilla.
Please pass the rolled and fried corn tortillas filled with beef. : Please pass the taquito.
by lavapie September 13, 2004
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hey look at that fat taquito just standen there like a bitch
by gareth leach January 2, 2006
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The offspring of 'Taco Benders'. Often seen running uncontrolled around the WalMart store.
These little taquitos drive me nuts, let's get the fuck out of here.
by Immigration December 29, 2007
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Spanish for a small taco. Also a slang for a Mexican's micropenis.
I used to date a Mexican guy, his taquito was adorable!
by Earfox October 2, 2017
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Rolled tortilla sandwiches sold at gas stations. A staple of the average hablo's diet. Filled with beef or chicken, they will cause flatulence beyond compare. Pronounced "tah-quee-toes".
"Check out all the hablos in line to get Taquitos dude!"
by Fred Bolibowicz May 29, 2006
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1. Diminutive of the word taco in spanish.

2. Rob Schneider's gay gardener name in "The Hot Chick".
1. "I dont want a big taco! I want a taquito!"

2. Taquito wears pink bandanas.
by humans are scary January 15, 2006
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