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11 definitions by mr happy

a fond name for Kokanee beer, based on the fact that their mascot is a sasquatch
toss me another can of the old sasquatch piss
by mr happy January 6, 2004
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to be sauced (drunk) and fried (high) at the same time... hence saute
man.. i got nicely sauteed last night... not too drunk, not too high...just right....
by mr happy February 26, 2004
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a word that can be used to replace the words "someone else", "somewhere else", and "something else", depending on the context of the conversation.
Man this party really blows, lets go some else

Dude, i really don't like that chick, i like some else.

Naw man, I don't want to go play pool tonight, lets do some else.
by mr happy January 6, 2004
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mispronunciation of fajita (pr. fa-hee-ta), a mexican dish composed of veggies and meat pan-fried and wrapped up in a tortilla

mispronunciation sounds like vagina, so when said sounds rather dirty
i'd like 1000 chicken fa-ji-tas
by mr happy January 5, 2004
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i went to a hotel and there were protein stains on the sheets... disgusting
by mr happy January 5, 2004
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Small coastal town mainly populated by inbred people. Could also be the subject of a terrible soap opera.
eldorado & family affairs are prime examples of this town, as for residents... the dingles?
by mr happy January 8, 2004
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noise a goat makes
"mrah" went the goat
by mr happy January 22, 2004
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