A person who repeats stories, statistics, ect. to you that they heard or read and make it seem like they researched it.
Matt gave me all kinds of facts today, then I went home and watched them again on ESPN...He's such as newscaster!
by Fine Wein January 22, 2009
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Having sex under the cover of a blanket while leaving your tops on.
Ruth and I were newscastering on the couch when my mom walked in. She never knew...
by SirNicksAlot June 29, 2018
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A sarcastic term for facebook; used to refer when most people have statuses revolving around the same thing, such as new movies or storms.
Abby: Hey did you hear about the tornado coming this way?
Paige: Yeah, I heard about it on Newscaster 2.0!
by whatpaigeesaid August 06, 2010
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