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A war-hawk, usually without any military experience, who calls themself a conservative even though they couldn't care less about the size or scope of the federal government. Their only goal domestically is to marginalize the conservative/libertarian wing of the Republican party.
The neoconservatives in Bush administration are pissing on Barry Goldwater's grave.
by Chris in NJ April 23, 2004
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Also called neo-con, this political philosophy is a combination of liberal and traditional conservative views.

On domestic issues, Neocons say they are for limited government, free market solutions and things like that. However, when non-interventionist tactics do not yield the result they want, they have no qualms about using government power to garner the desired result.

For foreign policy issues, they tend to refrain from using diplomacy. Neocons tend to participate in nation-building in the attempt to set up desired governments in other countries. They claim to support liberal democracies and human rights abroad but generally are more than willing to abandon this goal if it won't create the desired effect. Neocons usually want to use massive military force to solve most international issues despite the fact that very few of them have ever served.

Neocons see the world in binary, good vs evil and us vs them, terms. They are generally upper middle and upper class white people with college educations (ie the stereotypical WASP) but there is also a strong neocon segment among poor whites with little education (ie the stereotypical redneck). Tending to be socially conservative, they often belong to evangelical Protestant Christian churches and claim to have strong moral values. They love the status-quo.
Neoconservative people primarily belong to conservative groups and parties such as the GOP and NRA. This leads to power struggles in these groups as tradition conservatives, paleoconservative and conservative libertarians (all sharing similar values) fight the neocons for control and to be the face of the group.

The most famous neocon is George W Bush
by northendwhitetrash November 27, 2009
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One who follows the "neo-con" subsect of the American conservative political wing. A Neo Conservative generally favors hawkish foreign agendas and overt militarization due to their core purpose of promoting American supremacy overseas and their disgustingly retarded and simplistic belief that any given situation can be resolved with aggression (see: wordIraq/word). Due to their unabashed shortsightedness, they are considered ignorant buffoons by other conservatives. Especially so by the wordpaleoconservatives/word.

When it comes to domestic affairs, however, Neo Conservatives aren't nearly as decisive. In fact, they're totally impotent and ineffectual.

Gee, I guess that's why our economy is in the shitter and the rest of the world hates us... We have a neo-conservative worddickhead/word in the White House.
by Ninja Disaster August 30, 2003
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Unlike traditional conservatives (who advocate small, gradual change), neo-cons advocate the use of force, manipulation and deception to radically change social policy BACK to the repressive pre-1960s days, while keeping the economy free-market thus enabling large corporations to take over the world.
Burn, you filthy, lying, stinking neo-con shitbag.
by James O'Brien August 02, 2005
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Anyone that believes in governance by the “noble lie” and the delusion of safety through global control.
Only criminally retarded Fox News viewers think Neoconservatives are really conservative.
by frick1 March 28, 2010
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To belong to a doctrine or group that suggests it is okay to use force to tactically aquired every resource on the planet either through a client state system or direct rule. Fringe groups (normally Christians) and secrective inner circles also believe that it is Americas divine right to do this.

Tend to explain their actions by praying on the fears and ignorance of a large portion of the masses.

Neo-con think tanks are known for their logical buisness like thinking, forgetting the fact they also come up with social policies too.
Neo-conservatives got elected into the Whitehouse because Americans are too stupid to vote for arguements against them.
by Arthur October 05, 2003
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