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Referred to on its website as "the convention of the otaku generation," Otakon began in 1994 as a small covention in PA. Today it calls both the Baltimore Convention Center and 1st Mariner Arena home for one hot summer weekend. It is now the largest anime convention on the east coast, and the second largest in the country. Otakon attracts visitors from around the country and guests from halfway around the world.
Whatever you do, don't go to Glomp Alley...
by RandomSegaFanboy May 1, 2005
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A term used for marketing purposes to promote the Sonic the Hedgehog series on Genesis. It worked.
by RandomSegaFanboy August 31, 2003
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A rather true statement. Quality games and franchises made by Sega's internal developers include Phantasy Star, Sonic The Hedgehog, Shenmue (yes), Virtua Fighter, Space Channel 5, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Grind/Set Radio, Streets of Rage, Panzer Dragoon, the Shining series, and many more
Sega does indeed make quality games.
by RandomSegaFanboy April 19, 2005
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Term used by Fox News, which is really false advertising. When they sued Al Franken over ownership of said phrase, they were basically laughed out of court.
by RandomSegaFanboy August 20, 2004
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A legendary rail-shooter series started on the Sega Saturn and followed by Panzer Dragoon II Zwei and Panzer Dragoon RPG (aka Azel) then years later on the Xbox with Panzer Dragoon Orta
Although it wasn't a big-seller in its day, Panzer Dragoon is a very creative series.
by RandomSegaFanboy October 12, 2003
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A show created in 1993 by Haim Saban, but with roots (and suits, stories, footage, etc.) from the Super Sentai franchise. The basic premise is like so: evil warlord/ witch/ Machine Empire/ empress/ squid/ demon/ mutant/ psychopath/ exiled ninja/ failed science experiment/ alien emperor sends down monster, heroes (5 or 6 usually) kill monster, monster grows, heroes jump into zords, kill monster again, repeat. Add tortured souls and their backstories for flavor.
It's Morphin' Time! lightning bolt Dragonzord! Mastadon! Pteradactyl! Sabertoothed Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! zoom in on Red Ranger helmet stock footage, zoom out to reveal... POWER RANGERS!
by RandomSegaFanboy March 21, 2005
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