2 definitions by Batmanhimself

What you say when whatever you are doing is really not fair or balanced.
Jon: I'll give you a dollar for hoodie, fair and balanced.
Ron: Hell no!

Bill O'Reilly: Fox News. Fair and balanced.
Half the country: Yea!! They took our jerbs! Don't tread on me, towelheads!
by Batmanhimself April 7, 2011
The government's portrayal of Muslims so they can convince their people that they need constant protection. This is needed to justify making a ton of weapons and starting wars which make up a huge portion of our country's GDP and make some very rich and powerful people a more rich and powerful. This is also needed to justify invasion of privacy beyond that of any other group in the history of the world.

Also popularly used as a synonym for Muslim, or as an analogy to anyone a political party wants to rag on.
Derrick Jensen: History's heretic is yesterday's communist is today's heretic

Average American: The terrorists need to get deported before they blow up my house!
by Batmanhimself April 7, 2011