3 definitions by surlyboi

Right wing euphamism for news slanted toward the now, neoconservative point of view. Originated from Fox News slogan.
If you say something O'Reilly disagrees with, he either shouts you down or cuts your mic. "Fair and balanced", my ass...
by surlyboi May 29, 2004
Trendy, "cool guy" that, while certainly trendy, isn't all that cool. Easily distinguished by his semi-cool wardrobe worn badly after watching one too many episodes of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"
Wow, check out all the hipster doofuses and their mesh-backed trucker hats.
by surlyboi September 7, 2003
The coolest motherfunkers on the planet
Did you check out the Outkast spread in GQ? Even dressed like a fool, those brothas are off the hook.
by surlyboi October 16, 2003