When the other party gets all the favor and thus the situation is biased against you.
I was almost home free with my new stereo when the police caught me and put me on trial with a fair and balanced jury.
by Mike Novak May 29, 2004
Whilst taking a shit, you go down on your lady friend while she is sitting on the sink in front or to the side of you.
I was dropping a fatty deuce while being fair and balanced with my girlfriend.
by alibabasahib June 24, 2007
A term used by Team Fortress 2 players after getting killed by a random critical hit
-Fucking crits
-Fair and Balanced M8
by Pomada October 14, 2018
a popular key bind to be used in the game chat in tf2 (team fortress 2) used when a person is random critted, and usually killed because of a crit.
person 1 get's killed by person 2 with random crit

person 1:random crits are fair and balanced
person 2:but i was using the frontier justice
person 1:shut up
by st. ego February 4, 2021
To engage in practices that result in fair and balanced news reporting.
After news reported that 1.5 million liberals marched on DC, Fox News to fair-and-balance 'd it by polling 100 CEOs.
by talkity talk July 26, 2020