One of histories greatest strategic blunders. Currently in progress, you can actually watch stupid in the making. To defeat "terrorism" is it wise to occupy a country, kill their children and give them nothing to lose. Iraq is now a breeding ground for terrorists.
Original reason for going to war
-Weapons of mass destruction

when that fell through
-Saddams affiliation with osama

when that too was proved to be false
(or)their back up plans, back up plans
-We had to overthrow the dictator and "install" a democratic system

when a democracy proved to be highly unlikely to work
-put on your best "oops" grin, and say "nothings perfect look at our own last election!" (Way to go rummy)

Aside from the civilian casualties, the worst thing about this war is that bush is too fucking stubborn to admit he was wrong. Stubborn because he has the support of so many war-mongering shit for brains conservatives blindly following him.
Opposing a war has nothing to do with cowardice, as dropping a bomb has nothing to do with bravery. Brave is being able to sit for five minutes and think about the lives this war has ruined without trying to rationalize it in any way. The men at thermopylae were brave, the Iraqi civilians trying to carry on their lives are brave. Ill informed pro-war morons living across an ocean, blindly grabbing the tail of the blind rat infront of them, need to reach out and grab reality because war isn't "ya hoo" it's "oh no"!
by Black Cat Bone October 15, 2004
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fighting for control over oil. plain and simple - can't debate it. bush is a greedy fucker who is profiting from iraqi and american casualties.
The war with Iraq has hidden agendas... basically we're puppets on the strings of bush and our government.
by fartknocker November 3, 2004
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When George W. Bush decided that Iraq was a treat to the U.S.A and killed many Iraqi people.
If the war with Iraq never happened then Bush would have given us a tax cut, but he went to war instead.
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
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A war started by the mega-dumbfuck Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait.

A war that the mega-dumbfuck Saddam kept alive all these years by his blatant non-compliance with the world's demands.

A war that the mega-dumbfuck Saddam resumed every time he fired on U.S. and British troops and planes.

A War which Saddam could have avoided by complying with the last and final UN resolution which was the world's final warning.
Saddam sympathizers are a pathetic lot of snivelling cowards who were involved with corrupt dealings with Saddam including selling him weapons up to the last minute and even during the U.S. lead coalition's invasion in which they ousted the brutal dictator Saddam.These very weapons which the corrupt countries sold to Saddam are currently being used to kill U.S. and coalition forces.Those snivelling liberal cowards who sympathize with the Saddam sympathizers undermine the morale of the U.S. and it's coalition's troops thus giving aid and comfort to and encouraging the terrorists who are killing U.S. and coalition troops.
Kofi Annan condemns the U.S. claiming that the U.S. is engaged in an illegal war.Kofi Annan says that the U.S. is violating human rights and points to Abu Ghraib.Kofi Annan says nothing of Saddam's human rights abuses or of the terrorists human rights abuses both of which include cutting off limbs and sick tortures and beheadings etc.Kofi Annan is a FUCKER!

John Kerry's thinking is in-step with Kofi Annan's.
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A disaster and mistake, but really not that big of a deal.

Vietnam makes this war look like child's play

In WWII, there was so much destruction and so many innocent civilians killed, it would make the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah shit their pants.

Don't knock the US military for killing civilians. You try busting into a house where there are 10 people, with a hundred different things going on and your heart is racing so fast you can hear it in your ears. At that point, wether the war is right or wrong becomes irrelevant. If it was your ass on the line, would you not shoot first and ask questions later?
Stupid fuck: Duuuh, the soldiers are murdering pregnant women!

Normal Person: the war with Iraq is wrong, but what about the starving kids in Africa? That's been going on before this whole Iraq thing even got started!

Stupid fuck: Well, there aren't any cameras over there so I don't care!
by Laocoon July 26, 2006
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