(noun) A term trademarked by Kimora Lee Simmons, one of the most fabulous people in the world. However, anyone fabulous can define "fabulosity" differently. Basically, fabulosity is about being the best at everything, looking fabulously sexy, having the best things, flaunting your fabulousness, and loving yourself and/or other fabulous people around you. Only a select few out of the whole human population are fabulous enough to live in "fabulosity".

"Kenneth, your BMW and Armani clothes show your glaring fabulosity!"


-"Kandis and Brittney, both of you look like a hot mess. You have no fabulosity in you!"
-"Don't hate!"
-It's ok, I love everyone with fabulosity!"
by KzN March 10, 2009
so damn fabulous you just cant handle it
thomas that outfit is fabulosity! (she faints)
by tcpanda June 13, 2009
noun form of fabulous. a mix of awesomness, randomness, and individuality, in the very best way.
"Her outfit was just another demonstration of her fabulosity."
by xheylee December 30, 2005
adj. often a product of randomness and beauty, "fabulosity" is the measure of fabulousness of a certain situation
"last night presented a high degree of fabulosity when that drunk kid ripped his jeans in two."
by da-da-da December 18, 2004
1) Fabulousness in a given direction.

2) Exclamation meaning "I'm really, really pleased with this"
1) All her fabulosity's directed towards Mark.

2) You're giving me a sports car for Christmas? Fabulosity!
by anna nonymouse December 12, 2010
Something only ppl who are anti-baller say
TH-"I am the epitome of Fabulosity"

TL-"You're so not baller, please try not to breathe the same air as me."
by honeybadging July 23, 2012
This term is most used when someone is peaking in their fabulosity. This term is only used by fabulous people. To elevate the meaning of this phrase, it's possible to add the word "saturated" before fabulosity which means that a person is basking in a concentrated form of fabulosity which is more fabulous than regular fabulousity.
Ex 1.
-"I went to the mall today and got the CUTEST Louis Vuitton purse to match my shoes!"
-"OMG you are totally basking in fabulosity right now"

Ex 2.
-"OMG I just got a new Bentley! It's so shiny!"
-"I wanna ride in it! You must be basking in saturated fabulosity right now!"
by KzN March 10, 2009