The state of being utterly and completely fabulous.
Karen's fabulousness could not be denied. She looked gorgeous in that chic dress and those patent leather pumps.
by cherryblossom September 25, 2007
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Self-inflicted foot discomfort caused by wearing fabulous, but uncomfortable shoes.
Brianne looked amazing in those heels, but by the end of the night fabulitis had set in once again.
by rawhouns February 27, 2011
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Jay: Oh darn, my hair is going frizzy.
Bob: Darling, you look fabulous.
by Allie May 19, 2003
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To have been near or touched by someone who claims that they are fabulous
You have just been Fabulated
by FEMQUADS February 8, 2018
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The ultimate expression of enthusiasm and joy. Characterized by wonder, adoration, inspiration, exhaltation, and love.
I am so full of love for life; Everywhere I go I see beauty, magic and love, and that, is Fabulous.
by ham_shoegirl October 21, 2005
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Noun: Basically just a pink ambulance, used in every city to aid rich women who have broken something, can be anything, even a phone.
"Oh no! Amanda has broken a nail! Quick, call a fabulance!
by NinjaTunass February 7, 2015
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Is a illness in which all you see is magical rainbow unicorns and every you touch turns into a rainbow coloured duck
Oh no it caught Fabulousness!
by Fabulousness999 June 5, 2014
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