The idea and action of being proud of ones image and actions, along with confident attitude. This can be achieved by learning that you’re you and you should love yourself no matter what, and that the only thing that matters if your self worth.
Me: Stream Love yourself: Answer by Bangtansonyeondan

Person: Why
Me: because it’s a bop and it taught me to love myself.
by Abcdefg001 August 20, 2018
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Being comfortable with who you are, and loving who you are.
Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God and Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
by SaintNothing September 14, 2017
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A project with UNICEF and worldwide known kpop group BTS. They lroduced the album-series LOVE YOURSELF to help people love themselfes. Their layest albums' name in LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER.
ME: Oh, is that the signature of the latest BTS album, "LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR" on your t-shirt?
HER: Yeah, I love them, you can buy this online!💜
by Asialover2000 January 16, 2019
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A euphemistic synonym for "masturbate". It could also be used to imply "fucking oneself", which is the same thing really. Often used as an underhand insult against people with low cognitive ability who may just take it as the best compliment ever.
If you like the way you look that much, baby you should go love yourself.

Maria has left me so heartbroken that I have to love myself everyday for solace.
by Logomaniac May 16, 2016
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It is a phrase Justin Bieber uses in his song, "Love Yourself" that actually means fuck yourself, and is closely related to fuck off. However it has a double meaning since while she fucks off, she should love herself if she thinks that she is so important to think that he will still think about her and wants her back.

She doesn't love herself enough to be so desperate for him to want her back I guess.
If you think that I want you back then you should go and love yourself.

If you think that I am still thinking about you then you should go and love yourself.
If you want to borrow money from me, then you should go and love yourself.
by getusedtohim March 27, 2016
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It’s the only thing to do when before loving others it boosts confidence to yourself!
I love myself, you should love yourself, we should love ourselves
by Quokkasarecute October 18, 2021
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