having the quality of fabulousness to an unbearable extreme; completely and utterly fabulous; possibly a latent homosexuality
1. Let us revisit the fabulousity of the 80s.
2. That corral silk shirt just highlights his fabulousity.
by Big Mac December 6, 2004
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A term often used to describe certain Figure Skaters when all the other descriptions don't even come close!
"If you spend enough time with Olivia, maybe her fabulousity will rub off on you"!

"Her fabulousity shines through, even on the darkest of days".
by #Coach October 20, 2012
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When you are fabulous but a loser at the same time, just like you.
-Dude have you seen the new senior ?

-Yes!! He's fabulouser
by .Luli. August 27, 2016
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