Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses. Can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.
God, look at that, its eye candy.
by bonnie August 10, 2004
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when i was walking the mall i scoped out some nice eye candy
by stoph March 2, 2004
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Women that are HOT and you can't take you eyes off of them. Like a kid in a candy store.
I was at the beach yesterday and there was a lot of eye candy there.
by Anonymous July 26, 2002
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To think that the male/female is attractive, but often used for strangers or a person you wouldn't necessarily want to be with, but is pleasing to look at.
Dani: Did you have fun at the Beach?

Raquel: definitely, lots of eye candy!!
by caught-you-a-dollar March 17, 2014
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A super hot female hottie that is very pleasing to the eye. A babe. A very attractive female.
I went clubbing and hooked up very sexy eye candy. Yeah!
by Mikey_Hideki May 22, 2007
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"quod vissum placet" or "that which pleases upon sight" (Thomas Aquinas)
K is eye candy
by mialva December 26, 2009
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(n) An attractive female, however lacking in
substance or intelligence (hence the term "candy").
She's heet, but she's just eye candy, dude.
by keyshaw May 4, 2004
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