The most beautiful girl you will ever meet - both on the inside and out. She has a personality that everyone would die for. Loved by all. A Raquel stands strong for what she believes in, and doesnt let anyone step on her. Protects all her family and friends as much as she can. Shes a true friend, who will stick with you through thick and thin, till the end. Shes always got your back.

Everyone should meet a Raquel sometime in their life.
Feel blessed if you already have. :)
The name is often confused with rachel or rocky.
Raquel is the most amazing person you will ever meet.
by namesforgirls February 4, 2012
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Raquel is a loving, caring and devoted person! She loves her family and adores her friends. She doesn't beg and she doesn't ask for anything but will give everything to help a friend in need. She would travel a million miles to meet you where you are. She is gorgeous inside and out and her beauty shines from within. She never stop striving for the best so that she can show you hat you can also be the best at everything. She takes care of her own and inspires everyone around her with love and encouragement and words of affirmation. She thoroughly enjoys the company of those willing to have her time.
Raquel is my good friend. She listens to me and cares!
by Thebestmess August 3, 2017
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so pretty and is fun to hang around with. if you talk shit she will come up to you and confront the shit outta you. also don't mess with her she got shit that will expose your life. but she so attractive and cute and she waiting for the loml. but she is so cute and a SAVAGE!!
wow Raquel is such a savage
by Lolahyeujee November 16, 2016
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Smart, talented, beautiful, great sense of humor, sweet as apple pie, lovable, unforgettable, & the list goes on!
Raquel is the best.
by cmomoftwo August 1, 2021
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She’s an angel of the devil. The most gorgeous girl you’ll ever see. A delicate person with family and strangers but a total badass with friends. If you have the chance to date a Raquel, you’re a hell of a lucky one because they’re not easy to get! They have a personality that anyone would kill for and most of the times people get jealous of them.

They’re funny, hot af, smart and beautiful lil creatures.
Don’t mess with a Raquel because she can return you a bitch ass move!
They’re kind, cute, but when you get intimacy with her she can be a total savage and she’s a lot good in bed!
She’s the cutest girl in my school and hot af. We started talking a month ago and now that we have intimacy, she’s a total savage! She knows what a guy wants to hear! Date a Raquel
by Lucas Bharsd September 28, 2019
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A girl that is nice, random, outgoing, very cute as much as she is smart, and can take action immediately. Very tolerant until a certain point but even when annoyed she's still sweet :)
Let's go to the roller skating rink with Raquel! :D
by KableKiller July 6, 2011
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An amazingly hot person who gives all her friends sexual urges. Often very loud in bed. In most cases is very tan and has brown hair, and nothing is bad about her cause shes tan.
"Dude, did you see that hot fucking girl? She was totally a Raquel"
by French Waffles April 7, 2010
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