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boys who listen to pretensious 'youve probably never heard of them' bands, dress with more care and style than most girls, read in depth books, while sipping on low fat lattes before they take their vespa home. their hair, a specail point of interest is usually styled to look unkempt, jet black, wooshed over to the side. they are generally tall and thin. they appreciate the arts. they KNOW just how much cooler than the rest of us they are
i know lots and lots of emo boys.. they took over my favorite cafe.
by bonnie August 07, 2004

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Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses. Can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.
God, look at that, its eye candy.
by bonnie August 09, 2004

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The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the outside or anterior wall. That is it – no mystery, no nothing – that is the G-spot. It is not like the lost city of Atlantis or some beautiful, secret area run by the CIA.

The G-spot feels like a ribbed “bump”, almost like the roof of your mouth. The G-spot swells from the size of a pea to the size of a bottle cap when stimulated.

To produce a G-gasm – a G-spot orgasm, versus a clit orgasm – you need direct stimulation of the G-spot with fingers, thumb, penis or dildo. The advantage of G-gasms is that most women are capable of dozens per session. After a clitoral orgasm, most ladies will poke you in the eye if you even look at her clit again. G-gasms are different.

A good guideline to remember will be to show the clit some mercy but to be merciless when it comes to the G-Spot! Within reason, most women will appreciate a harsher approach to the G-Spot. Beat a man’s fully engorged erect cock with a sledgehammer, and he’ll say, “ohhh … that feels great!”

Same with G-spot - she’ll be a puddle …. or a lake.
"Holy fuck … what the fuck? How did you do that?" Gloria asked, totally dazed after a dozen or so G-gasm.

"Doing a little G-spot whacking," I told her

by Bonnie June 21, 2006

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Direct stimulation of the g-spot will produce waves of intense orgasm. Different than traditional clit orgasms in that they are more of a whole body experience. Hard to walk or even know your name after about 10 or 20 of these babys.
I rubbed Sallys G-spot til she had a g-gasm - she told me to stop, but I slapped her on the ass and kept rubbing 'till she had another g-gasm and another ... then another ... then one more ...
by Bonnie June 02, 2006

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a short term for none of your business
girl: hey larry whatcha doin?
boy: nun ya!
by bonnie August 22, 2003

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audio visual
I got the projector out of the AV closet.
by bonnie May 10, 2003

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This word is used when talking about a girl who has a nice body but a busted face. When you call someone a butterface, it sounds like 'but her face'.
That girl got a nice ass body but she definately a butterface
by Bonnie July 05, 2004

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