Pooping from a great height into a toilet below.
Ray climbed on top of the stall dividers and extruded a huge log into the toilet below. It landed on target with a mighty splunk. Extruding is fun!
by TheGoyWonder July 2, 2017
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when you piss of your CAD teacher whose name is Senor Makar
-Hey Makar, I extruded this sucka

-Savage, go to the principle's office!!!
by wakawaka330 February 10, 2005
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A sex act ever the man is pounding the vagina and the woman proceeds to evacuate her bowels, timing it to inch out at each stroke
Dude, you wouldn't believe how nasty Heather is. She actually asked for the Slovakian extruder last night...there was shit all over when we go done!!
by Johnson diggle September 25, 2017
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Another name for one’s asshole. The anus.
I just blew lunch out my shit extruder.

She tried to shove her finger in my shit extruder last night.
by Eaton Holgoode December 27, 2018
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Penis, dildo. Included by Hasbro in Play-doh sets.
When we got back to her place I gave her a workout with my extruder tool.
by Rolo Mictlantecuhtli January 2, 2015
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that symbol on the command key on mac computers
hey, your extruded octothorpe is worn down
by Jargod December 5, 2010
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