A sacred time for a man. A time where a man can contemplate his day while excreting his waste. A man does all his critical thinking whilst pooping. A man often goes to the bathroom and poops when something needs deep thought. It is believed that if a man could poop for long enough, he could solve world hunger, poverty, and possibly discover the cure for AIDS. This magic time is referred to by many names such as, Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl, dropping a log, dropping a stink pickle, and releasing the brown hostage.
Friend One: Bill is still pooping, what's going on?
Friend Two: He's trying to solve Da Vinci's Code, give him a break.
by Big Eve November 09, 2015
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The number one way any man can get out of doing any household chore.
"Honey can you do the dishes?"
"I can't sweetheart! I'm pooping!"
by TheDude5196 December 15, 2009
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The process of producing Fecal matter as a solid through defecation over periods of grunts and moans on the toilet.
Bob: What are you doing?
Joe: I am producing fecal matter as a solid through defecation over periods of grunts and moans on the toilet.

Bob: Do you mean POOPING?
by me hee hee October 10, 2017
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According to billie eilish...its the best part of the day
Billie eilish:"pooping the my favorite part of the day,there was one day I pooped 8 times.....that was the best day of my life".
by Ur mom's left big toe September 28, 2019
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It is mostly used as a greeting or a goodbye. Poop poop is a noun describing someone in your life. So it takes the place of....buddy, pal, dude, brother, sister, father, mother ...etc.
So instead of "Hey Buddy" You would say "Hey Poop Poop" And it is understood that it is meant with a little splash of love.

Normal way
"See ya later Nikki"

The Poop Poop way
"See ya later Poop Poop"
by J McCallum January 14, 2008
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Stuff that comes out of your ass. Usually brownish. Sometimes red and yellow. Comes in many types:

The Poop Poop:
Brown. Slithers out of your ass. Not very satisfactory, and not particularly painful. Causes moderate amount of crap left in your ass for you to wipe.

The Quickie Dirty Poop:
This poop bolts out of your ass like a rocket. It doesn't hurt. However, you have lots to wipe, as the inside of your ass will look like a rusty factory if you were to look inside.

The Quickie Happy Poop:
Bolts out of your ass. Clean. Painless. A welcome from the annoying "Winnie The Poop"

Winnie the Poop:
Moves a bit. Once your hopes get up, it gets stuck and refuses to move an inch. You will have to push like hell until Pooh comes out. Usually a sort of constipation.

The Alamo Poop:
You push and push. Similar to Winnie the Poop. Once this poop comes out, you see a small pebble. Thats when a stream of red hot diarrhea comes flaring out. Usually means you are beginning to get diarrhea.

The Russian Poop: (AKA Diarrhea)
You crap, and crap, and crap some more. It will not stop coming. The best idea is to keep pushing, and flush every five minutes. It will end eventually. This poop is really painful, and your ass will ache for a couple days because of all the wiping.

The Peek-A-Boo Poop:
You will crap. This poop will land in the water, and would appear to go down the hole. It will then constantly return to the surface to annoy you. Flush quickly when its at the top, or the poop will just slip back once you flush.

The Ghost Poop:
You will feel the crap crawling out, but you see nothing in the toilet. Sometimes a varient of the Peek-A-Boo poop.

The Gassy Max:
You will think its just a fart, but suddenly, a wet, smelly poop will appear. Generally comes a bit before Diarrhea.

The Professianal Poop (AKA the American Poop)
The moment your ass hits the toilet seat, this poop will flare out of ass. It is painful. It is not Diarrhea. It simply hurts, and not much comes out. Brace until its gone.

The Friendly poop:
Comes out of your ass easily. Feels good, and is pretty clean. This is the dream poop.

The Titanic poop:
A massive poop. Sometimes called a Lincoln Log. Push it out and gasp at its size.

The Giant poop:
A huge poop. Bigger then life. Hope for the best. If you are unlucky, this will rupture your bowels and kill you. If you are lucky, this will create a huge poop. Don't flush, bring all of your buddies over to gape and gasp at its size. Take pictures. You might have made a world record.
"I just took a poop today"
"Poop is brown, mushy, and sometimes looks like a banana."
by TheSnoopy December 22, 2007
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