A sacred time for a man. A time where a man can contemplate his day while excreting his waste. A man does all his critical thinking whilst pooping. A man often goes to the bathroom and poops when something needs deep thought. It is believed that if a man could poop for long enough, he could solve world hunger, poverty, and possibly discover the cure for AIDS. This magic time is referred to by many names such as, Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl, dropping a log, dropping a stink pickle, and releasing the brown hostage.
Friend One: Bill is still pooping, what's going on?
Friend Two: He's trying to solve Da Vinci's Code, give him a break.
by Big Eve November 9, 2015
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The number one way any man can get out of doing any household chore.
"Honey can you do the dishes?"
"I can't sweetheart! I'm pooping!"
by TheDude5196 December 16, 2009
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The process of producing Fecal matter as a solid through defecation over periods of grunts and moans on the toilet.
Bob: What are you doing?
Joe: I am producing fecal matter as a solid through defecation over periods of grunts and moans on the toilet.

Bob: Do you mean POOPING?
by me hee hee October 11, 2017
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Pooping is reverse fucking yourself.
Guy1: My friend went to the bathroom, and took at long time to get back.
Guy2: He was properly pooping.
by KennenKamikaze July 15, 2018
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According to billie eilish...its the best part of the day
Billie eilish:"pooping the my favorite part of the day,there was one day I pooped 8 times.....that was the best day of my life".
by Ur mom's left big toe September 29, 2019
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when you poop and then you wipe and there nothing on the toilet paper
i went to the restroom earlier and dropped the fattest dump but it was still a no poop poop
by i h8 ur mom August 26, 2021
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