Origin: Part of Bill Gates' first name, because he's got billions of bucks.
Damn. I wish I was a billionaire.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 20, 2005
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Greedy hoarder of capital gained by taking advantage of the productive working class.
Billionaires should have assets taxed heavily in order to reduce income inequality and discourage exploitative labor practices. Tax everything over $100m at 100% and send a "you won capitalism" plaque.
by ETRToday July 15, 2021
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A person who has assets, Wealth or investments worth Billions or greater than one billion.
Bill Gates has a net wealth of 85 billion dollars therefore Bill Gates is a Billionaire.
by benimann June 11, 2016
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A person with a billion dollars or more.

Beware that "billionaire" is a dubious assertion when it comes out of the mouth of a pathological narcissist who has no concern for the truth, unless they release papers to back it up, such as their tax returns. Generally this should not be believed from people who think a few hundred thousand is equal to a one and a half million.
Donald Trump claims to be a billionaire, despite the fact that he can't even restrain himself from creating late-night international incidents on Twitter.
by Catty McGee February 6, 2017
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A non-millionaire who parties with Billionaires or at a Billionaires residence.
I went billionairing at a Formula One Party with a prince.
by morninggarden February 11, 2014
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The friend who gets drunk and decides to buy his / her friends drinks, only to regret it the next day upon seeing the tab.
Drunk billionaire: Heyyyyyyy let's do a shhhot!

Friends: Can't. I'm broke!

DB: No shhhh, s'okay. I'll buy.

And the next day...

DB: how the fuck did I spend one hundred dollars last night???
by not a db March 17, 2010
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1) what everyone associated with Slumdog Millionaire is

2) how most people feel after they watch Slumdog Millionaire

3) what winning 8 oscars did to Slumdog Millionaire
1) These actors were barely known to anyone, but after this, they're all going to be Slumdog Billionaires.

2) After her first time watching Slumdog Millionaire, Tori felt like a Slumdog Billionaire, thankful for her movie choice.

3) I can't believe Warner Brothers rejected this film! couldn't they see they would be making Slumdog Billionaires?
by Spydi February 23, 2009
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