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someone who doesn't have a life, likes to make fun of other people in the "virtual" world because he is scared of people in the real world. trys to act cool online, but knows inside he is a failure.
see nerd geek too much free time
yeh that kid's a GranDream, he has no friends and sits at home and uses his computer all day, he really needs to get a life.
by something February 8, 2005
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runs from ocean county, to long beach island, to cape may. AC, OC, WW, CM. it is a place that is very impossible to stay at becuz all of south jersey owns the shore houses. good place to find hot jersey girls during the summer. people also go there on memorial day weekenend and then someoone ends up getting jumped, drunk or dead from a gangfight.
Atlantic City sucks and Ocean City is the place to be.
by something March 24, 2005
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(Powder Dounut Suprise) - act of convincing someone to have anal sex, then during the sexual act pull out and throw powdered sugar on the ass of your partner, taking a picture, and yelling out "Suprise!"
Yea man I so pulled a Powder Dounut Suprise on my girlfriend last night.
by something May 7, 2005
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being kicked out of school for the remainder of the year
You, the idiot, for throwing feces in the hallways of school with face expulsion
by something August 19, 2003
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