A small village in Surrey, England, where old people and chavs make up 99% of the population.
"Downside is the only village where you can be invited in for tea in the morning, and have your legs broken in the afternoon."
by Surreyindefs March 18, 2017
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A syndrome which produces many symptoms, most notably extreme nausea and terminal depression.
Don't joke about downside, man, my grandma has downside.
by poytuna August 9, 2018
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When you and a girl of your choosing decide to perform acts of illicit behavior such as sexual intercourse, oral sex, heavy petting, or ultimate frisbee and decide that you want to take things to a more serious level such as "hardcore" as kids now a days describe. Make sure you're good to go and insert your erect penis into her most deserving vagina. After pounding the vag like a champ in a romantic place such as the back of camry or a bedroom with her father walking in, hit her from behind as she is on all fours. Tenderly extend both arms as you are in the act of sexual intercourse and grab both of her arms and use them as handle bars to tear it up. The girl at this point should be in a tripod position, thus the downside watson.
"Gee Matt I wish I drove girls crazy like you!"
"Well Corey we all can't be gods of sex, some people just sick dick at fucking pussy."
"Haha oh Matt you sure are swell! Didn't you take a girl home last night? Did you rail her? Give her the ol' downside watson?"
"Squirrely udders."
by Stankonia Matt and Big Ed January 20, 2008
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(noun) - an asymmetrical business arrangement, usually in employment, where the risks of loss are concentrated on the employee to ensure that the employee has guaranteed losses on any business reversals and contingent returns on any positive developments.
You have mountains of downside equity in that contract. The partners can deduct from your paycheck to make you eat the cost of delays that the partners exclusively control. They can swallow your commission if their client doesn't pay. They can even recapture from your future salary any underpayment with the negative carry-forward that they've imposed. On the whole, you're just a sharecropper with a JD.
by Frustrated_Monolingual November 29, 2010
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having a disadvantage in a situation.
I applied for a job with the ACLU, but having a conscience and a brain put me on the downside of advantage.
by kimmie s November 12, 2006
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When an individual is the opposite of being upside down. Standing on his/her/it's head, downside up.
"Sebastian's mom was downside up on the table last night"
by Clumped March 18, 2017
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