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1. Someone who uses heroin (or other hard or iv-administered drugs).
2. Someone who turns others onto heroin (or other hard or iv-administered drugs).
Damn, you shot Rodney up with that smack? You're a badfish.

Are you a badfish too?
by tweak March 02, 2005

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house, it rhymes with shizzle and nizzle.
Fo shizzle, get up out dis hizzle.
by Tweak November 29, 2002

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The forskin of a uncercumsized penis.
you gota penis hat
by Tweak October 06, 2003

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To be kicked out of the current school system you are attending,as a result of breaking the code of conduct and rules handed out by the school.
James was caught smoking marijuana on school property,as a result, he was expelled and had to attend a private school.
by tweak August 18, 2003

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The most powerful gundam ever created. The sattilite cannon it has can destroy a area the size of australia when properly charged.
by tweak July 18, 2003

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1. to break into smaller pieces
(i.e. : grinding marijuana buds)
2. to break into smaller portions for multiple users.
I had to break up the pot I bought today so i can roll it without a stem popping out.
by tweak August 18, 2003

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similar to "mer" a word when no others come to mind, an expression of surprise, shock, unhappiness, a questioning sound, just about anything, really...
It was all...you know...schmeh..
by tweak August 04, 2003

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