The action of driving or pushing further.
"They dive and use their wings for propulsion underwater."
by Diariaah October 1, 2020
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to propel in a forward direction- regionally used in Washington D.C. especially by Hovercraft Design and Manufacturing Professionals
"The hovercraft lifts, now we just need to get it to propulse..."
by Speeze April 18, 2006
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The energy created when 2 or more people engage in anal sex. This method of energy production is not known to most of the known world and possess the power to propel a small car or propel a large space craft!
I used the power of anal propulsion to get to school in 3 minutes today!


Anal propulsion saved my life...and czechlosovakia
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(V) The act of farting while walking; preferably used when a slow-moving, very lovable, senior citizen is on the move. (Jet propelling)

(N) The gas that is passed when a senior citizen is moving very slowly.
(Noun) Big Yiayia is jet propelling across the formal dining room. You know the one with the plastic on the couches?

(Verb) What was that sound? That was Big Yiayia's jet propulsion.
by greek_goddess2013 February 28, 2012
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Dude, check out that chicks VPS!
Vagina Propulsion System. Leads to the glory land!
by Iben Wakenoff July 15, 2016
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Lightning Propulsion Rocket Engine: This is a theoritical rocket engine that is based on the principles of cause an effect. Artificial lightning is discharged towards an ionized gas. When the lightning strikes the gas, it propels the craft forward at near the speed of light. The engine is designed to be used in the vacuum of space under zero gravity.
The engine was first theorized by a Christian science fiction writer named Victor Darnell Hadnot in one of his short stories.
Lightning Propulsion Rocket Engine: is used to propel a spacecraft near the speed of light. The engine that is used to move a spacecraft at the speed of light. Any rocket engine that makes use of artificial lightning to propel a spacecraft near the speed of light.
by Dr. Patricia Pystrum January 10, 2010
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