To be thrown out of school for 365 days.
You are expelled for getting in a fight and being piss drunk in public last night.
by ptc. September 05, 2006
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bro im geting expelled for puting a close pin in a girls hair
idk im geting expelled yeet
by komjniubnjkml March 20, 2019
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A slang term originating after two students were caught in a bathroom of a North Western Pennsylvanian high school having gay sex. To "get expelled" is to have gay sex in a bathroom.
Example One:

Person 1: knocks on bathroom door... "What the hell is taking so long man? I gotta go!"

Person 2: "Hang on bro, I'm getting expelled in here and it's pretty awesome!"

Example 2:

Person 1 "Hey there sexy, what do you say me n' you get together later and get expelled?

Person 2 "Meet me in the bathroom?"

Person 1: "See ya there..."
by get_me_expelled May 05, 2011
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