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Any country that allows bumming as an act of solidarity
Billy: Where I come from is a United Queendom, since bumming each other is encouraged to foster unity and prevent wars!
by Doddi October 03, 2007

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A place where scientific research is conducted which doubles as a toilet
Dr Frank Fischenhoffer's world-class lavoratory in California was one of the first in the world to create fluorescent urine after his initial discovery pissing in one of the cubicles
by Doddi October 02, 2007

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A milky type of poo that makes a plop sound in the toilet and only done by children, especially obese schoolboys
Mummy I feel sick and I have to go toilet to do my ploppies!
by Doddi September 25, 2007

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An idiot who does nothing but draw/doodle all his spare time, especially of chickens
There's this loser at school called Joey who's such a plonkadoodle. I mean, his hobby is doodling and drawing chickens!
by Doddi September 04, 2007

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An underground/subway service that actually works and runs on time
"You're early this morning Eric!"

Yeah boss, managed to get in early due to the wunderground taking only 15 mins rather than 30. Was well quick!
by Doddi September 05, 2007

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Another insult for an Irish Rap wannabe, similar to 'Duff Paddy'
Colm, you can't rap for toffee so give the D Piddy impersination a rest will ya?
by Doddi September 04, 2007

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A Dancing Baby is a fat 'plastic'-looking baby that dances around when Ally McBeal gets broody. Can be picked up and bounced around like a ball.
Ally: "My Biological Clock's ticking"
(Dancing Baby chants: "Ooga Ooga Ooga-Chaka "!)
by Doddi September 28, 2007

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