A man that prefers sex with another man. A homosexual male.
"Dude, you have no idea how roughly Zyos is" - Bordillo
by DJRezaRezaReza April 16, 2007
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Two girls one guy stacked the girls on their knees on top of each other a to m d to p!
Had the best night of my life doing the roughly truffle.
by Samwiz October 26, 2020
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Alfresco lovin' in a building normally used for housing farm animals (hay optional). Phrase commonly found in country "romance novels". Popular hobby in agricultural areas in England.
Friend 1: Have you seen that new glass barn?

Friend 2: Yeah, I wouldn't want to be taken roughly in that barn. It might shatter.

Friend 1: Hey, what's the happy haps?

Friend 2: Not much, got taken roughly in the barn last night.
by Springgay May 6, 2011
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The term used when a cooch has never been shaven and then one day it is shaven by an inexperienced virgin girl. Normally the shave job is rough, scratchy, or overall terrible.
On retracting my hand from this broads pants my fingers were sliced by her roughly shaven twat. Hot damn!
by Rachael Brennann November 9, 2008
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