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A name that is now synonymous with a race-baiting black bitch. Omarosa Stallworth, a contestant on the NBC reality show The Apprentice, used the race card whenever possible, falsely accusing her fellow contestants of calling her the n-word. She also whined excessively and displayed a type of arrogance/bitchiness rarely seen among humans.
Person-A: "Do you know who the hell I am? You just fear me because I'm a strong black woman you racist!"
Person-B: "That's quite Omarosa-like"
Person-A: "Did you just call me the n-word?"
Person-B: "No. Please shut up"
by Juggo December 20, 2004
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Contestant on the hit TV show "The Apprentice" who played too many cards and got Trumped.
If you act like Omarosa while on the clock, don't expect being called "Employee of the Month" anytime soon.
by me April 12, 2004
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Candidate from The Apprentice season 1 who became notorious after accusing Erika of calling her a nigger. There are different theories about why Omarosa made up the lie about Erika. One is that Omarosa was simply jealous of Erika, who is beautiful, while Omarosa is Fugly. Another is that Omarosa actually overheard her own thoughts ("Hey, I'm a nigger") and thought that Erika had spoken those words.
Omarosa: although I am 7 feet tall I am unable to get a position in the WNBA. Yet I will continue maintain my masculinity anyway.
by TruthForYou September 06, 2006
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the biggest bitch in television history..a few words to define her: Arrogant, Racist, Whiny, Bitchy, Annoying, Fake, etc.
NO ONE likes Omarosa because she is so fucking arrogant and uses the race card to get away with whatever the fuck she wants.
by Robby H. October 02, 2005
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Someone who has a NEST cam in their office that the president must have signed off on making 180,000 A YEAR like she is a character in UGLY BETTY. Most people making 2,000 a month or 24,000 a year go to the unemployment with ten pages of documentation and maybe a couple tapes to "COVER THEIR ASS". Omarosa has admitted that she has a LIBRARY and has been forced to store her tapes at the Kardashian's L.A. mansion. She's making 180,000 a year. Think about it. She wants you to believe, she is in jeopardy of WAITING IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE WITH YOU AND I.
Paul McCartney: I was getting tired of petty crime at my concerts. Pot is fine, but far too much goes on. So I had a NEST cam installed and had them all arrested. I GOT A LIBRARY OF FOOTAGE. I'm saving the people.
Bob Dylan: Paul, your making 1,000,000 a year. That is so Omarosa.
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by HearMyName August 20, 2018
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An unlikely ally. A friend by way of sharing a common enemy.
I don't like really like that guy, but after seeing him stand up to that bully, he's my omarosa.
by urbandickchinairy August 15, 2018
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