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Word for the manager of a business, usually but not always fast food, who has a secret stash of twinkies or other snack cake hidden in their office.
Rick is so damn fat that they nicknamed him the twinkie king of the factory!
by LaDeena June 3, 2006
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An extrememly short tempered, small statured, partially paralyzed woman who constantly fucked around on her ex husband, producing a child with a different father. Also likes to start fights by throwing the first punch but threatens the punchee that if he hits her back she'll call the police and use her disability as a crutch.
Stephanie was such an uberbitch that her ex husband referred to her as satan's concubine
by LaDeena April 2, 2007
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To legally get rid of the leeching, lazy scumbag you mistakenly married when you were young and naive.
I threw a party when my divorce was final.
by LaDeena June 3, 2006
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A supervisor in a factory that seems to think they have more power over the employees than the actual factory manager does.
Her team leader's name is Don. He is such an asshole.
by LaDeena June 4, 2006
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The act of being syrupy sweet and condescending to someone that is extrememly pissed off, usually resulting in the person getting even more pissed off. Useful when working in retail.
The more pissed off she got at me, the more sarcastic I got with her.
by LaDeena July 4, 2009
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Male figure who can't get it thru his thick head that his ex wife wouldn't touch him again even if her life depended on it and tries to interfere with her marriage cuz he can't stand to see her with anyone else.
I still miss my ex-husband...but my aim is improving!
by LaDeena June 3, 2006
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Word that signifies the ending of a worthless argument or time wasting conversation with someone who is being rude and nasty. Usually said in a voice dripping with sarcasm and accompanied by a "talk to the hand" gesture.
rude customer: I think you are a rude, unfriendly bitch!
me: I don't care what you think, you don't know me, you are dismissed.
by LaDeena July 4, 2009
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