1. something that remains perennially fresh, or interesting, something enduring

2. an article that is billed as news but is really penetrating analysis (from the notion that such material is perdurably useful)
I just had to call bullshit on the latest evergreen article the collage's paper published.
by The Return of Light Joker March 17, 2011
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man, we smell like evergreens.
by Ricky March 9, 2004
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As in always has greenbacks (money) a guy that has money. A guy that never has to think about money because he has soo much of it!!!
I like to date evergreens./////////////////////////////////////// //////////// //////////////// ////////////// //////////////////////
He's an evergreen.
by catcee September 12, 2013
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Code name of Nadia Santos (Sydney little sister in the television series Alias)
Syd (To nadia during a mission): Evergreen, you cannot proceed without comms.
by ariSai August 26, 2007
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A post or comment made a while ago that bites the original poster in the ass. Trump is a prime example, complaining about President Obama’s golfing and then golfing more than Tiger Woods after being falsely elected.
Here’s another evergreen tweet from Trump that contradicts the things he pretends to stand for
by girlnarly September 18, 2020
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To become stupidly or amusingly stuck
Wow, these shoes are tight... I've really evergreened my feet in there


My girlfriend and I were playing with a glass bottle in bed and unfortunately I had to attend the hospital after I evergreened it
by iamnotjl March 30, 2021
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A massive object that blocks a water way
I've just had a right Evergreen. It took three flushes to get rid.
by TeamMeh March 26, 2021
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