He's the type of guy that you don't want to mess with. He acts like he doesn't care but deep inside he cares a lot. He jokes around all the time but still loves the woman that he's with. He gives the best hugs and the best kisses. No one can never be like him. He'll never cheat on you with anyone. He's a faithful guy and will always be by your side no matter what. He'll buy you many things that you never asked him to buy. He's the sweetest and cutest guy.
Her: where's my santos?
by Nadine3 April 9, 2017
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Usually a hot Spanish boy tends to be really funny,He Also Is very sociable& has a amazing personality, isnt afraid to take A dare, gels his hair and is very good with girls in bed using his big dick
by DRE UKF April 30, 2011
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The Hispanic equivalent of a Chad or Bro
The beer pong team of Chad and Santos just got their popped collars and Kanye glasses handed to them!
by Newginz November 5, 2011
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Mexican boy who doesnt speak spanish, very funny. Amazing at sports. Very hot and to die for.
Mia:omg santos looks so hot today.
Santos:i look hot everyday.
by Nibbainparadise December 9, 2017
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Someone you haven't seen in a very long period of time.
"Santos! I haven't seen you in FOREVER! How are you? How's the family? How's the sister? How's the synagogue?"
by Greasegrim April 17, 2017
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A person who likes to make fun of others people's names. Also has a head like a chinchilla

also your right hand
Hey Kinker, what's a kinker?
i dont know santos, go sniff your smelly dog!!
frickin chinchilla
by hatin on santos October 15, 2009
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Verb; when someone kills a joke.
Noun: a bad joke
yo that dude just santos-ed.
by Oakville S.C July 19, 2011
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