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An italian name which most people can not pronounce cause they are retarted but it means an italian that likes to party
"That guy is always clubbing he must be a Colosimo"
by Ricky March 14, 2004
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man, we smell like evergreens.
by Ricky March 9, 2004
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acronym for "desperate attention whore". Used on the internet.
Why is your skirt so short ? You're being a DAW dawg.
by Ricky February 13, 2004
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The act of nutting in your own mouth and releasing the semen in another's anus.
Derek loved the whole process of defelching.
by Ricky January 29, 2004
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tones that are refered to as "def", which is an old hip-hop slang word for "good"
Man, those are some def tones!
by Ricky March 9, 2004
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awesome, radical, tubuleur
dude, giving me that ride was totally dudly of you.
by Ricky March 7, 2003
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

FINNALS (the new F-bomb)

Finnals: An expretion of distaste and anger. Derived from an old school term meaning tests all week without a break. The school board is fighting against the use of this word.
Examples: OH FINNALS! We're swimming again?!

Oh you FINNALING dirtbag!

FINNAL that! I'm going home!
by Ricky December 9, 2003
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