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World's greatest American stereotype!
by Ricky June 20, 2003

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THe response to a compliment; to express the appreciation of
Ricky:"Katie, you're the greatest."
Katie:"Awww, you're so sweet."
by Ricky December 16, 2002

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the male ejaculatory fluid
I splooged in your girlfriends mouth last night.
by ricky December 21, 2003

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1. The most delicious form of evil. It tastes, looks, and smells good, but you practicly die of burns when you take a bite if you don't wait 5 minutes.
-What happened to your face?! Its all...charred!
-I had hot pockets last night.
by Ricky February 27, 2004

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British Police.
Oh shit, here come the rozzer's!
by ricky June 20, 2003

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I wasn't gonna run from the cops, but I was high....I was gonna pull right over and stop, but I was high....now I'm a paraplegic and I know why! cause I got high cause I got high, because I got hiiiiiiiieeegh
by Ricky June 20, 2003

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chinese for bastard.
(direct translation "trip on street")
by Ricky September 09, 2003

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