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That bites, a slang term for "that sucks". This slang is usually used by awesome people, but very few people use it.
Jim: Dude, my cat shit on my floor.

Derek: Bro, that bites.

Jim: I got some on my hands.

Derek: Don't bite that.
by I Am Chad April 18, 2016
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Another word for "that really sucks." Mostly used by awesome people.
Jim: "Dude, my car broke down, can you pick me up?"

Chad: "Dude, that bites, so sure, I'm coming over at ten."

Jim: "Bro, have you seen Jessica?"

Chad: "Yeah, she was in my bed last night."

Jim: "Dude."
by I Am Chad April 17, 2016
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1. To have a low IQ or to be without knowledge, low IQ especially.

2. To be a racist and/or Idealist and/or have an ideal.

3. To be guided more by ancient beliefs more than modern or future beliefs.

4. To do something too bad or wrong!

5. To lie about something you know is true but do not want to believe.

6. To act too aggressively when asking for an answer in a situation that is not that bad.

7. To act anxious over something that is not that important.

8. To try to cut into the action to be like someone else who is doing something good for themselves.

9. To be desperate.
Guy: I so want to be noth. Noth: its not that important to be noth. Just fight the good fight like everybody else. Guy: I just hate how i cant be noth. (Pause) ARRRRRRRGH! Noth: Get the fuck away from me biter! (2 hours later) Noth: I just got attacked by some poser. Friend: damn man that bites, what a biter!
by Noth Brotherhood April 18, 2016
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