A cooked snail and a French delicacy. It may or may not be served in its shell.
Woman: We had a lovely soiré, didn't we?
Man: Yes, it was rather enjoyable.
Woman: I must say that the escargot was quite a success!


Waiter: Would you care for some escargot to start your evening?
Diner: Yes, we'll have an order of escargot as an appetizer.
by Sahara April 19, 2005
Explicit porn pictures, particularly tight shots of women's crotches. Comes from the term snail trail.
Q: can i send you some porn or blueprints?
A: No thanks, I'm not into escargot. And blueprints? WTF?
by connorbd@yahoo.com October 6, 2009
French for "snail", commonly the snail body that comes out of a snail shell. Edible.
he: "Would you care for escargot?"

she: "er, no thanks. It always looks too much like tiny inner & outer labia. I'm not into eating that."
by Jake April 17, 2004
Meaning snail in French, this move consists of leaving a trail of post-sex pussy juice all over another person to assert dominance
"Why does your hair smell like pussy?"
"My girl went escargot all over me"
by HurtyMcBadbad January 19, 2020
the snail body that comes out of a snail shell. Looks like snot (a nose booger)
"Anyone care for escargot?"

"er, no thanks. I'll just pick my own..."
by Jake April 15, 2004
The sexual act of when two subjects are involved with anal intercourse. When the male party involved finishes in the anus, filling it with semen. The subject then pulls out and presses their mouth to the anus and slurps the semen out. Similar to eating escargot without utensils.
My date thought I was fancy when I invited her over for a little redneck escargot. I haven’t heard from her since.
by Tmoorecmooretacomunch March 10, 2022