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Being or having extraordinary, high class, and/or expensive qualities.
Best Man: That stripper was mink last night.


Steven: These new headphones aren't just rellin, they're mink!
by Sahara April 21, 2005

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A French curse. It translates to "sacred blue", referring to the Catholic Church.
French Girl: Sacré bleu! I'm out of smokes.
Friend: No worries, there's a store around the corner.
by Sahara April 19, 2005

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When a secret or an important piece of information is confirmed safe with the person you have entrusted it with.
"Sarah, I want to tell you that I actually have a Spice Girls doll collection...and I brush their hair while listening to 'Wannabe'."

"Don't worry Stuart. It's totally vaulted."
by Sahara June 20, 2003

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The French way to say eh.
French Canadian: So I was skanking the other night at the show, hein?
American: What? Huh?
French Canadian: Yeah, it was rellin, hein?
American: I am confused!
French Canadian: Why am I even talking to you?
by Sahara April 18, 2005

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A combonation of two languages: Français and Anglaise (French and English).
Franglais can be either a French conversation peppered with English words, or vice versa.
It is commonly used by French teenagers.
It does not necessarily mean that they have forgotten a word, although using Franglais is a good coverup if they do forget the translation of some words.
The words used DO have proper translations.
Gina: Ah mon amie, veux-tu un beer?
Moi: Non merci, je suis le stuffed. As-tu regardé le episode de Newport Beach hier?!
Gina: Mais bien sûr! Ben McKenzie est un hunk hein?
Moi: Je pense que obviously.

Gina: Want a beer?
Me: No thanks, I'm stuffed. Did you watch the O.C. yesterday?!
Gina: Duh! Ben McKenzie is a total hottie eh?
Me: He's rellin.
by Sahara August 09, 2005

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The feminine term for a dork.
Stephanie is such a dorkette!
by Sahara April 09, 2005

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A cooked snail and a French delicacy. It may or may not be served in its shell.
Woman: We had a lovely soiré, didn't we?
Man: Yes, it was rather enjoyable.
Woman: I must say that the escargot was quite a success!


Waiter: Would you care for some escargot to start your evening?
Diner: Yes, we'll have an order of escargot as an appetizer.
by Sahara April 19, 2005

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