Explicit is when something is clear and explained in extreme detail. It can also mean dirty. And Murphy.
"The packet had explicit instructions."
"This song's too explicit. let's censor it."
by lickiies May 22, 2019
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one of the best 120fps players in Critical Ops. He looks like a f boy but is actually not edating any ehoes online. He’s a big fan of ErcanRoyale and learns a lot from him how to get t1 in Critical Ops. Also he’s a British but does a lot of spelling mistakes!
“Sencerly” Sincerely - Explicit
Rascist” Racist - Explicit

Payed” Paid - Explicit
by your horny egirl July 24, 2020
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This movie has explicit scenes of sex and violence and may not be suitable for white, Yuppie Bible-bashers
by urban pervert February 18, 2003
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Clear, leaving no room for interpretation, leaving nothing merely implied
Mr. Smith's instructions for the essay were explicit
by goodvibesgoogooogg April 3, 2017
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what you can describe all of urban dictionary in one word
yo why you searching up explicit results on urban dictionary about something very interesting
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An Explicit otherwise know as a nude is to gain an image of a woman and keep it in your collection
by THE_MADDEST April 24, 2019
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Doing things openly with precise detail.
The man who sucked his dick on TV is precise, he's a genius, he's explicit.
by badmouth August 10, 2018
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