verona: I bought you a present
Sarah: oh my gosh, thank you sodapop you’re so kind
by sarahjennifert July 26, 2019
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A very original name...very well known as one of the curtis brothers from the outsiders. Has two brothers named Ponyboy and Darrel. A greaser. A dropout, but everyone loves him anyways.
by ponyboy lover March 20, 2010
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1.) a kind of beverage or soda
2.) A guy from the book "the outsiders"
3.) a fun word to say

1. "look i have sodapop" "no you idiot it is just soda"
2. "i am sodapop"
3. sodapop sodaPOP SODAPOP
by sodapop . February 9, 2007
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Maranda’s husband. Only Maranda’s. No one else’s. 🦊
Person 1: OOooO who is that😍
Person 2: That’s Sodapop. He’s Maranda’s husband. You shouldn’t be drooling over somebody else’s man.
by john owen fan March 25, 2021
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A character from the Outsiders; completely beautiful. He is gorgeous. Book by S.E. Hinton
Girl 1: I love Sodapop Curtis so much!
Girl 2: You make a move toward him and I will rip you limb from limb.
Girl 1: Ummm...
by sodapoplover May 19, 2016
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Sodapop Curtis is a character from the book and movie The Outsiders.

Sodapop Curtis aka the hottest person on the planet is the brother of Darry Curtis and Ponyboy Curtis.

He always wears a hat or a blue jacket.

Everybody loves this man and I do as well.
Person: Hey, do you want some soda?
Obsessed Outsider Fan: Wait, did you just say SODA?!
Person: Oh no-
Obsessed Outsider Fan: AS IN SODAPOP CURTIS?!
by ifiwasasodaiwouldbelikedirt November 23, 2020
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