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Another name for "RAS syndrome" (short for Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome) -- redundantly using a word in connection with an acronym or initialism that already contains the word. "ATM machine" is an example: the phrase literally refers to an "Automatic Teller Machine machine".
Enter your PIN number when the ATM machine prompts for it on the LCD display.
(That sentence contains several anticronyms.)
by Grinning Cat January 7, 2015
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The worst system of choosing among candidates for public office -- except for all the others.
"The turnout for the election wasn't even 40% of eligible voters. The winner got a slight majority of that, so four out of five people DIDN'T vote for him. So from that he concludes he has a popular 'mandate'?!"
by Grinning Cat October 23, 2007
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A term that, while an attempt to be inclusive of various winter holidays and "festivals of light", also displays ignorance that Ramadan has no connection with the seasons of the solar year. Ramadan (a month of major religious observances within the Islamic lunar calendar) moves backwards through the solar calendar about eleven days every year.

In some years Ramadan gains visibility as it is coincidentally observed near the winter "holiday season", but it actually keeps cycling through the seasons.
In 2010 Ramadan spanned parts of August and September.
In 2011 Ramadan will fall approximately between August 1 and August 29 or 30.
This demonstrates that "Christmahannukwanzadan" illogically groups Ramadan with winter holidays.
by Grinning Cat December 27, 2011
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Someone who cluelessly increases the noise-to-signal ratio on Urban Dictionary with hundreds of useless entries.
"1. Figga

A fake ass Nigga

All this Figgaz wanna fuck with a real Nigga like me."

What the fuck is this shit, and who's the fuckwit that wrote it?

(Definition adapted from, and example by, SonOfSamus)
by Grinning Cat February 1, 2017
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"Infernal Revenue Service", how many Americans feel about the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. federal tax collection agency.
Legend has it that IRS employees scrutinize handwritten envelopes containing tax returns, and any addressed to the "Infernal" Revenue Service are flagged for audits.
by Grinning Cat April 18, 2008
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How you might feel when you want to use a word in conversation that you're familiar with in reading and writing, you know perfectly well what it means, but you've never heard it spoken, and have no idea how to pronounce it.
"It doesn't matter how many times you click on Font Color. Changing red text to red again won't make a difference. It's eye-dem-... id-em-..." (thinking, "How the *$%^& do you pronounce 'idempotent'??? Guess that makes me eye-literate.")
by Grinning Cat November 4, 2016
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The custom or practice of eating only one type of cereal at a time. Cereal monogamists view the casual alternation of cereals, or, worse, mixing different cereals in the same bowl, to be simply wrong.

Not to be confused with serial monogamy.
"I eat Cheerios for breakfast. I eat only Cheerios; no other cereals. Cheerios are the greatest thing since sliced bananas! Wait-- I'm out of Cheerios... time to get some more cereal... I eat Frosted Flakes for breakfast. No other cereals; just Frosted Flakes."
That's an example of cereal monogamy.
by Grinning Cat January 19, 2015
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