A mythical video game console where if you can buy it for $250, you can sell it for $400.
The Walmart was only 5 minutes away. When I called, they told me they had one Wii in stock, but couldn't hold it for me. I rushed over, but by the time I got there they had already sold it.
by Alfie the Horndog February 9, 2008
"Wii" is the release name of the console codenamed Revolution by Nintendo Corporation due to be released in 2006.

It is pronounced similar to "we".
by Dude, where's my bagel? April 27, 2006
A. The final name for the amazing Nintendo Revolution.
B. 'The Console Formerly Known As Revolution'
All the girls will want to come play with my Wii.
by Tesko Virgo May 2, 2006
also know as the nintendo revolution, its gonna be the most kickass system out ever!
currently its beating ps3 at E3 as the most expected console
wii is soo kickass! i think that it will blow the ps3 away!
by angusBEEF May 7, 2006
The new name for the Nintendo Revolution console. Pronounced 'We'.
My buddies and I are going to bust out the Wii tonight. We'll be playing that thing until our arms go numb from swinging them around.
by RA White April 27, 2006
Nintendo's new console, previously code-named the Revolution. Featuring free-hand motion sensitive controllers, Nintendo claim the console will 'revolutionise' the way people play games.
"Have you seen the new screenshots for Zelda on the Wii?"

by Tphi April 28, 2006
Kids amusement toy lasting about 2 weeks of joy max
also not helping cleanse the earth of obesity
kid 1: wanna play wii?
kid 2: ROFL lets go outside and play instead
kid 1: no I like wii
kid 2: ROFLMAO try saying that when your 22 stone and not going to school due to obesity!

5 years later:
kid 1: I mumble.. li..e ..th mumble wi..mumble
by Carl Ward May 12, 2008