a colossal amount of any substance, or anything of enormous size. etymologically derived from the ebonic phrase "yo ass is," but adapted to convenient modern pronunciation through many years of dialectic moosh ing.
Oh god, I have a jurassic homework load tonight!
There goes Jurassic Breasts, busting out of those double d's.
by orphan annie January 13, 2006
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meaning to lose your temper to a point where you become primitively violent and typically not armed with modern weapons.
"did you see that fight?"
"yeah, dude mike totally went jurassic."

'you better shut your mouth before i go jurassic on your bitch ass!!!"
by N. Vega May 2, 2008
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Quite simply when you pour all of the hard alcohol at a party into one big jug and pass it around.

From Dictionary.com:

Of or belonging to the geologic time, rock series, or sedimentary deposits of the second period of the Mesozoic Era, in which dinosaurs continued to be the dominant land fauna and the earliest birds appeared.
We so made jurassic at that party last night and like, everyone, was puking by midnight.

In the jurassic period dinosaurs ruled and birds began to appear.
by dj_monged August 2, 2004
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1(adj)- without substance. 2(adj)- an unsexy nerd-like quality exhibited by whiny adult brats who watch too much American Idol and other reality shows. 3(adj)- large, as in well known and popular.
That guy is soooo jurassic(2). Every day he talks about Survivor. It sickens me.
Nickelback is sooo jurassic(1). All their songs sound alike.
After I heard Eminem for the first time, I knew he was going to be sooo jurassic(3).
by Dan Jenkins April 30, 2006
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a state of having a generalized mess in the rectal or anal area, stemming from the combining of the terms "your ass is sick" quickly into one term...JURASSIC
Dude, I went bowling after apparently not wiping well, and now I have horrible jurassic.
by novelty February 6, 2006
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Adjective. Jur-ass-ick.

A description of the gluteus maxmimus of a another when the gluteus maximus of the individual tends to be relatively large or noticeably protruding quite a bit more than the average gluteus maximus.
Lamont: "GhatDAMN! C-Money, check out da ass on this amazon bitch, shit is JURASSIC"
by Diarrheasaurus May 9, 2010
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To be dried up, dead, old, lame, stale, not worth the time.
1:Ay, let's hit Pipeline tonight!
2: Hell naw, that shit is Jurassic. Big Booty Judy got a party at her crib.
1: Iight, let's do it.
by swishahipz November 11, 2011
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