a pain reducer substance sometimes found in pills.
Tyrone: Damn bruh Ion even feel shit after poppin’ an opi.

Kevin: Your finger is cut off tyrone...

David: Opioids don’t work like that tyrone.
by tyronethestoned January 30, 2020
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Is a type of octopuses defined by Tali In book 7 of the dinosaurs book which is a kid book made by some random people in a building which is in pencilvania in which Pencil Vester lives on and why are you still reading this ?
Tali says opioids it's a type of octopuses
by These words are fake March 17, 2016
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An episode of the Andy Griffith Show where Opie drowns while fishing with some of the Mayberry locals, so Andy creates an army of androids in Opie’s likeness to exact his revenge on the townsfolk.
Aunt Bee: “Oh Andy, looks like some of your Opioids got into my marmalade again!”
by bluetooth doorstop October 5, 2016
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When your so full of opioids (Oxy, hydrodocone, H, morph, dilaudid, etc.) that your just in pure bliss regardless of your situation. Usually results in just dazing off, pin point pupils, empathogenic feelings, etc. Sometimes you don't even need to use allot of opioids just a low dose with a low doze benzo.
-Aw man feeling good atm after popping a 1mg k-pin and a lortab 10....Just enough to take the anxiety away and kill any bodily pain...er um its real funny though my intestines have decided not to move but right now this opioid haze is something from the heavens.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 February 13, 2011
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The “magnum opus” of cocaine peddling. When you fill a condom with cocaine and store it in your anus.
Hey man, how will we smuggle this in?”
“Magnum opioid.”
by pumpkaju January 12, 2022
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