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A hellish test or endurance required by gym teacher up to 9th grade.
by 5'1"Racer February 12, 2005
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A Gym test that's worse than the FitnessGram pacer test itself. Basically, the moronic Gym teacher kicks your ass out onto the hot paved concrete, and demands you to run around the school (or somewhere else) 10 times. If you ran a mile in less than 7 minutes, congrats. But if you end up killing your legs for more than 11 minutes, then you're fucked up.
Liam: Bro, I just wasted 13 minutes of my life doing the mile run.

Jeremy: 13 minutes? What a slow bitch. I only ran a mile in 5 minutes.

Liam: So that's why I see you running down the streets like a retard everyday, blocking drivers from going to Chipotle.
by ThatOneDummy May 04, 2019
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The longest and most painful 10 minutes if your life will be in the mile run.
by life+school=death November 29, 2017
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