rabid cryporn consumer, francophobe and future genocider of linux users
"bro emms just tweeted about rewatching clannad again"

"dw bro, there's already an ambulance outside his house"
by some_normie_ October 22, 2020
Emmely is a really great and amazing friend. For some a best friend. She’ll care for you always and beat up anybody that hurts you physically, mentally, or emotionally. She is really beautiful/gorgeous and I hope she knows it. Emmely can be very spontaneous and bold at times. At other times she can be a shy person. Point is, she’s amazing and if somebody has her as a friend, best friend, or wife, they better hang onto her because they will never find anyone like her.
Emmely is amazing
Emmely is beautiful and supported me
by TCNL February 13, 2019
Emmelys are beautiful and smart. They are amazing kissers and terrific in bed ;). They are very spontaneous and sweet. If you find an Emmely don't let go, you might never find someone like her again. They are hilarious and normally have a big butt and boobs and lips . They are so great and caring.
Tom: I met this girl named Emmely and she is fine.
Chuck: Oh I wish I could find an Emmely.
by chrisbrownismyhero11-17-11 January 14, 2012
A girl who is younger than most and is very nice. She is very cute and has a flare to her. She has her own unique style and likes to be different. She is quiet and is good at not being so when needed. Possibly from Asian or european.
Random Person

I just love Emme! I wish everybody could be like Emme!

Another person

Yah, me too.
by HappySunshineDay April 5, 2011
someone who overthinks and will say sorry even if nothing is wrong. she will love one person and one person only even if they don’t like her back. she will be there for everyone and stay up until 4am to talk to you. she does very well in school and is friends with everyone, but has 1-3 very close friends. she hides her emotions until you bother her to open up. once she does, she’ll pour her heart out. she’s been through hell and back, but still manages to stay strong. don’t lose an emme, shes one of the best people you’ll ever meet.
“I’m having a really hard time. I’m gonna call Emme
Gosh Emme’s so smart.”
by nugget89 August 23, 2020
A sexy girl that is not afread of what she looks like. Ready to strut her stuff and walk like a super star. Not only is she beautiful in the inside but shes totally smokin' hot on the outside.
Super model emme's website:www.officialemme.com
by Kiray January 4, 2008
Someone, mainly female who is extremely sexy. One who isn't afraid to show off, due to the fact that they're perfect at everything they do. Somebody who is talkative (sometimes too talkative) and is very outgoing when necessary. Also someone who is afraid to hurt other people because the kindness in their hearts. Emme is also someone who commonly has incredible features. All throughout out, most known for having the best butt a man could want
Person: Wow, Emme sure is nice. I wish other people could be like her.

Another Person: Yeah, she's also really attractive and I really like how tight her butt is!
by RANDOIVI IVIAN 2000 August 6, 2017