used in msn, aim etc

dont worry
by Hannah.l May 26, 2005
the name of the little sister of Arthur on the non-hit cartoon TV series "Arthur."

Stands for Dora Winefred. Is also a huge douchebag
Arthur: DAD!! There's bologna in the dishwasher!
by regnidglb October 26, 2004
dw joe jonas. dnw the other douches.
by Cine August 13, 2008
Do work. Should not be confused with do work son. Do work is more then just a saying but a way of life.
by taas July 11, 2008
What people called Dark Wing Duck when he was not saving people
by purplemonky November 25, 2003
Pretending you care but you really don't give a single fuck.
"Bro dw, your dog isn't gonna die"
by iamK4PP4kAngNagastosKo October 20, 2019