it will rip out your heart and swallow your soul
Jun Maeda created Clannad because he ran out of tears to drink.
by anonslayer69 March 26, 2015
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it is an amazing anime that tells an amazing, but difficult to understand story about a mans life, and his suffering and his happiness. Clannad is a story about a man who's different possibly he has in his life to change in different ways.
omg clannad was so amazingly difficult to understand but it is an amazing show
by camtree27lilo December 31, 2011
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Bittersweet- a beautiful anime that follows a man and his journey thru many paths a story filled with bittersweet sides of what if love stories in a school slice of life anime drama
by dreamjim October 19, 2019
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Anyways stan blackpink 🥵
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by öl January 3, 2021
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