A girl who is younger than most and is very nice. She is very cute and has a flare to her. She has her own unique style and likes to be different. She is quiet and is good at not being so when needed. Possibly from Asian or european.
Random Person

I just love Emme! I wish everybody could be like Emme!

Another person

Yah, me too.
by HappySunshineDay April 5, 2011
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A sexy girl that is not afread of what she looks like. Ready to strut her stuff and walk like a super star. Not only is she beautiful in the inside but shes totally smokin' hot on the outside.
Super model emme's website:www.officialemme.com
by Kiray January 4, 2008
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Someone, mainly female who is extremely sexy. One who isn't afraid to show off, due to the fact that they're perfect at everything they do. Somebody who is talkative (sometimes too talkative) and is very outgoing when necessary. Also someone who is afraid to hurt other people because the kindness in their hearts. Emme is also someone who commonly has incredible features. All throughout out, most known for having the best butt a man could want
Person: Wow, Emme sure is nice. I wish other people could be like her.

Another Person: Yeah, she's also really attractive and I really like how tight her butt is!
by RANDOIVI IVIAN 2000 August 6, 2017
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the hottest sexiest women to ever walk planet earth
yo emme is sooo hot
by April 9, 2019
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Famous for being a plus size supermodel. She rocks because she proves you don't have to be skinny to be sexy. And holy crap is Emme sexy!!
Emme's has a website: www.officialemme.com
by a big fan of emme March 31, 2004
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Jävla Emme
*Emme klantar sig och gör en emme moment*

Jävla emme
by xXx Sn1pr_El1te xXx August 14, 2022
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Emmes loooooove cookies. They are most likely to like men named Jeremy/ Jermie.
Why are u eating all the cookies?!?! Don't be an emme!!
by Cookiiies December 11, 2020
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